Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes is a full-service builder that will assist you in every aspect of the custom homebuilding or renovation process. Every project we take on is different, but they all have "critical path" steps that need experienced and capable management. With over 160 homes built, we can say that the clients who have had the best results and most satisfying experiences involve us at the earliest stages of their projects, which are often where the most crucial decision are made.


We can help you with:


  • Property Acquisition
  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Pre-Construction Evaluation, Budgeting & Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Post Construction Services

Building a custom home, is a massive undertaking. Renovating your existing home is a disruptive process while construction is underway. Each of these tasks has steps along the way that contain numerous decision points, activities by third parties, and benefit from the professional project managment Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes provides.


Whether we are working with subcontractors, architects, interior designers, or title companies, Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes has the experience to act as your advocate. Weekly status updates ensure you are fully informed as to how the project is progressing, and help to ensure the project will meet your expectations in terms of completion time and budget. Our track record in this regard is so strong that 90% of our new business comes as referrals from existing clients.




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