Although it may appear elementary, believe it or not, many people request our renovation services without ever seriously identifying what is most important to them. With the endless choices available for most anything desired. One must have a clear vision of priorities. What is most important?

  • Energy efficiency
  • Space requirements
  • Just need a new look?
  • What’s your style: Modern, Old World, Mediterranean?

It’s a good idea to begin a notebook with pictures of finish details for major and small detail specifications such as:


Cabinets Brick and Stone
Appliances Counter Tops
Plumbing fixtures Bath Tile & Flooring
Electrical Fixtures Hardware and Accessories
Windows and Doors Interior Doors and Trim Moldings
Wallpapers and Treatments A/V and Smart Home Electronics

We encourage our clients to consider environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable products such as:

Foam Insulation Rain Water Harvesting Solar Power
Geo-Thermal Heating Radiant Heating High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems
Recycled Materials Low water flow plumbing fixtures High Efficiency Windows and Exterior Doors
Natural Low Water Required Landscapes Tank-less Hot Water Heaters  

The sky is the limit. Your vision and budget must be identified in a scope of work prior to site evaluation and architectural design services. This will allow our architects and interior designers a platform to create and for us to bring your vision to reality. We understand the complexities of even the smallest projects. By allowing time on the front end to explore the possibilities available to you, the end result will be totally gratifying.

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