Richard Dietrichson is a third-generation homebuilder and the founder and CEO of Dietrichson Co., Inc. He learned the art of homebuilding and the importance of integrity from his father, and expanded his knowledge with a degree in construction technology before founding his own company in 1987.


Today, Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes has a 25-year, award-winning legacy of creating homes that are as exceptional as they are excellent. “The true measure of any product will always be in uncompromised values—the difference between doing something the best way versus the least costly or more profitable,” Richard says. 


The company combines its historic commitment to craftsmanship with a belief in innovative design, sustainability, and energy efficiency, always evolving its capabilities to serve the needs of contemporary architects and home buyers. This foundation of excellence is reflected in the company’s many honors and awards.


Sampling of Honors & Awards
McSam – Custom Home of the Year 2000
Best Home Builder - Dallas Morning News Readers Choice Awards 2006
City of Richardson Community Revitalization Awards  - 12 Total
2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007




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